How to Keep Your Child Safe from Electrical Outlets?

baby_electrical_hazardElectrical safety is something that children should be taught early on as they are exposed to electrical devices, outlets, and cords on daily basis. Teaching them about the dangers posed by electrical devices both indoors and outdoors is important for their safety. You need to lay down certain ground rules regarding use of electrical gadgets so that they stay safe at all times.

Teaching Kids the Basics

When kids learn about electricity and how it is used, they will accept your rules in a better way. Here are some tips:

  • Help them understand the method by which electricity is passed on by pointing to the power lines that are seen in your vicinity. They should be made aware of the dangers posed by downed lines.
  • The power outlets inside the home should be explained to them. You should impress upon them that only the power plugs should go inside the outlets and not their fingers or toys.
  • Covering the outlets with plastic covers is also a good way to prevent kids from touching them. This is useful, especially if you have toddlers in your home.
  • Cords that are frayed or in which the wires are exposed should be changed immediately as kids learn the use of power cords at an early stage and generally plug the cords themselves. Teaching them not to use the cord if it is damaged is necessary to prevent injury.

Use of Power Cords

While preschoolers and toddlers need to be kept away from all types of electrical outlets and cords, older kids can be taught to use the cord in a safe manner possible. In case of using an extension cord, you need to show them that plugging in too many at a time can cause overheating and lead to the cord catching fire. They should be told to stay away from cords that are on the floor. The cords whenever handled should be done with dry hands only. Ensure that the kids understand the perils of water coming in contact with electricity.

Protection during Emergencies

Kids need to be taught the way to deal with electrical emergencies. In case of a power outage, they need to stay still till you go and get them. Flashlights should always be kept handy to help in such situations. Kids need to avoid fallen power lines on the road or outside your home, and also inform you about it immediately. And in case of a storm, they should be told to avoid trees and playground equipment that are made of metal.

Keeping all the electrical cords, outlets, and appliances safe and in good working condition will prevent most of the accidents that kids get into. Having a proper power circuit with cut off limits in case of electrical surges or drops is necessary for every home. All members of the family should know how to use electricity in a safe manner possible. Kids need to be made aware of all aspects of electrical use from the toddler stage itself. This will make them more cautious and prepared thus avoiding risks of electrical injury to a great extent.

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